Breathing Velvet

This word in relation to fine art photography has been on my mind lately. I joined a Facebook group called "Minimalism". The work posted there is all supposed to embody this concept. But really....what is minimalism? My dictionary defines it as "the use of simple, basic design forms". I like that. Simple, basic...uncluttered. I would also think one could add to that definition. That it could also include something that has perhaps a strong single concept or message? I don't know. I need to think on this more. But I like that it has sparked some thought. I know in much of my imagery I have tried to narrow down the primary focus or subject matter. I like it to be clear what my subject is and for it to have a strong impact. So, simplify the object and minimize the distractions from that object. And speak to the viewer in a singular voice. Talk of a singular idea. for thought.

San Ildefonso


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