Track Life in Saratoga Springs

Author: Juliet R. Harrison

Hardcover, 8"x10"


64 black and white photographs


The track at Saratoga Springs, New York, through the lens of award winning photographer, Juliet R. Harrison

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Author: Juliet R. Harrison


25 Beautiful Black and White Dressage images for you to enjoy.

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EQUISCAPE - A Modernist Nude

Author: Juliet R. Harrison


Introduction by Tamsin Pickeral
118 pages. 11"x13" Hardcover. 59 B&W and Color plates. Purchases made directly through the photographer be a Signed edition. Price for this special volume is $175.00 + shipping. To pre-oder contact the photographer -

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Track Life: Images and Words

Author: Juliet R. Harrison


Written Contributions by - Marion E Altieri, Michele Lee Amundsen, Cindy Bledsoe, Martha Framkel, Carol Goodman, Mikhail Horowitz, Leslie Knauf, Rhonda Lane, Freddie Lenclud, Jana Martin, Brendan O'Meara, Lynn Readon, Natalie Keller Reinert, Tad Richards, Donald Rothschild, Kimberly Kelly Santini, Linda Shantz, Nina Shengold, Sharon Simmons-Passmore, Zack Sklar, Holly Tonini and Marylou Whitney

ISBN - 978-0-615-87584-2




For six years I travelled to Saratoga Springs, New York to take photographs at the race track. I spent the first two seasons figuring out how to photograph the world of horse racing. That may sound strange. After all, I was already a photographer. But there are new challenges with every new venue. Some technical, like not being able to get very close to my subjects when they are racing and dealing with distracting back/foregrounds, to discovering that working in my usual Black and White film made those other challenges, even more challenging! I needed to figure out how I would create images at the track that could speak about horse racing, but that would still speak in my own visual voice. This was not as easy as you might imagine. After the fourth year, I felt that I had created enough images that I was proud of and I published my first book of them called Track Life in Saratoga Springs.


I continued to refine my vision at the track for the following two years. The images moved farther away from editorial/documentary photographs and moved closer to the kind of fine art images that I had been creating of horses for the past 20 years. After the 2012 racing season, I felt strongly that it was time to compile the new images into a second book about the track. I wanted to share images that were more firmly in my own voice and reflected what I had accomplished in the 6 years.


At the same time that I had been building my portfolio of images, I was also meeting racing fans and industry insiders who were equally as passionate about it as I was becoming. I found that when I shared my photos with them, in a unique give and take, they began to share their track stories with me. From these interactions the genesis for this book was born. Although it would satisfy my need to share my photographic development, I realized that another book of images alone would not truly convey the full experience I have had with horse racing. To do that I decided to give some of those amazing people I had met, the same creative freedom as I had given to myself. I invited a number of those racing fans and industry professionals to contribute creative written pieces to my book. I tasked them with writing, in any form they chose, something that would convey their stories of time at the track. I did not give them images to be inspired by; I instead gave them creative license. I paired the writings with the images after they had been sent to me. The process and product of this book was an unexpected invitation into their creative worlds as well as my own.

What I believe resulted was and is a surprising collaboration. And I hope for the viewer and reader, it opens doors into the rich and varied experiences to be found at the race track.


Juliet R. Harrison

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White Horses - From the Literal to the Sublime

Author: Juliet R Harrison

From the literal to the sublime this book challenges our notions of Equine Photography. It takes the viewer on a journey from the most representational imagery through that which uses the equine form at its most abstract. 28 Black and White photographs from award winning photographer, Juliet R. Harrison.

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