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Most of my current work is on display at my Studio/Gallery in the Artists Collective at 7516 North Broadway, Red Hook, New York.  

Equestrio Magazine
Autumn 2013 - American, Swiss, Italian, Arabian, French and Chinese Editions
Featuring my Shadow Dancing series


Track Life: Images and Words


Book Signing Event

Saturday, December 7th 10-3pm at the Stone Ridge Public Library, Stone Ridge, NY

Book Signing Event
Saturday, December 14th 3pm at The Golden Notebook, Woodstock, NY

My image "Because You're Torn in Two" has been awarded an nomintaion in the Portraits category of the International Black&White Spider Awards.



I have been honored by being named one of the 10 Best Emerging Fine Art Photographers in 2011 by the BWGallerist.
Best of the Best: Emerging Fine Art Photographers of 2011

The Dance of Dressage

Stable Woman's Gazette
The Dance of Dressage

 The Sensual Equine Nude II
A Valentine's Tribute Photo Documentary
The Stable Woman's Gazette
The Sensual Equine Nude II